Decentralized Identity & D-apps for Web3, VR/AR, and the Metaverse

Decentralized Identity

Identity is the backbone for trust & reputation. DID (Decentralized Identities) empowers trusted verification of identities. Contrary to centralized ID, DID is designed for services that remove centralized identity registral systems as a key pillar of Web3.0

NFT & Metaverse 

Social Networking

Defi Crediting

SideTree Protocol for DID 

  • Vera AI utilizes SideTree to create distinct L2 DID networks by combining its core components with a chain-specific adapter, which handles reading and writing to the underlying L1.

  • Scalable DPKI for Decentrazlied Identity. Code-level components that include deterministic processing logic, a content addressable storage abstraction, and state validation procedures that can be deployed atop Layer 1 decentralized ledger systems to produce permissionless, Layer-2 DID networks.   3 major components to a Sidetree network: a decentralized ledger system, Sidetree nodes and the Content Addressable Store (CAS).

Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Safeguards Privacy

Vera AI's minimal disclosure is enabled through cryptographic techniques termed zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP).  ZKP allows users to share information without relinquishing their security and privacy. ZKPs use cryptography to prove a statement from party A (known as a prover) to party B (known as a verifier) without relinquishing privacy.

 A persistent, trustworthy identity layer for the Metaverse and VR/AR universe. 

AI Superconnector for Networking

  • Trust & referral based social network for verified users (blockchain credential is a plus) to advance careers.  

  • Beta Version coming soon. Sign up to receive invitation.

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